Alicia Taylor - Pink Rain - Rockets & Romance 2020 - Edition of 8 - 90x135cm unframed

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Print only, framing available upon request.
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This work is from the Rockets & Romance series.

Alicia Taylor wrote the following statement about the series: "This work has been developed over the past 3 years. Following on from my exhibition Above & Below I continued to capture clouds, weather and flying through the sky. Looking for diversity in tonality and colour, the base images range from pink rain during sunset, dust filled sky at midday and flying through morning clouds, on my way back from London. Originally from Melbourne I was so surprised to see fireworks filling the sky so close to our home in Sydney’s Elizabeth Bay. So, I raced to get my camera and capture the chaos in the sky. Over the next two NYE’s I gathered a body of shots with the intention of blending these sparkly human-made moments with nature’s own beauty, the sky. I’ve always been fascinated with the sky, most of us are. You could stand in the same place every day and over time nature shows some of the most beautiful art, and never to be repeated moments. This is a canvas I thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in creatively."

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