Maia Sanctum Face Mask Sanitiser - 50ml

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Wild Orange brings you a mood boost that evidence supports enhances your mood coupled with deeply grounding Sandalwood and a touch of Clove that promotes antibacterial protection.

To balance the pH in your skin, Jojoba, 70% alcohol and to protect you.

Luxe Face Mask Sanitiser


Refreshing Wild Orange & Peppermint with 70% Ethanol to protect you combined to lift your spirits whilst breathing in peppermint it gives you a refreshing experience in the sanctuary of your mask transforming the whole experience of mask wearing  


For those days you simply need to breathe in calm we have created the restorative benefits of Rose Otto with the calming effects of two types of Lavender to come together in giving you a deeply calming experience with 70% Ethanol to protect you.

  1. Remove Fabric or Disposable Mask (Do not spray directly onto your face)

  2. Spray both sides 1-2 times both sides.

  3. Wait 20 seconds for mask to dry

  4. Put the mask back on and experience the unique Maia

    experience of mood boosting essential oils and refreshing or calming sensation.


Maia, of the Earth,

Sanctum creating a sanctuary and safety in YOUR hands.

Maia, like the Phoenix constantly in a state of renewal and growth coming out of the darkness into the light.

Maia is a vision for our future that starts with a simple gesture of using a life enhancing sanitiser but not just any sanitiser.

Maia Sanctum honours and respects the land, the natural world and humanity. We source sustainable and ethically created Australian essential oils, combining scents that awaken the soul evoking joy and wellbeing.

Jojoba has the same pH as our skin, nourishing yet non greasy and provides a protective barrier for hands.

We honour the World Health Organisation guidelines with regard to safety.

Maia Sanctum, in your hands, invites you to dream of a new world, a world that draws on the wisdom of the past and a world that focuses on the needs of the individual and a collective responsibility to our society, our family, our community in being mindful and safe.

We invite you to join our family, our Maia community, as we embark on Maia’s journey that simply starts in your hands.

Locally handmade with love & gratitude

Anna M Shepherd, Founder