Serax - Umbrella Stand Concrete Windy By Stirum Design - H12cm L41cm W7.5cm

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The umbrella stand has the same look & feel as ‘Frame’, the clothes rack that De Limburg designed previously for Serax. “As with Frame, I opted for cast concrete, because this technique provides the required stability. At first, I added perpendicular, symmetrical perforations in the material. However, this caused the umbrellas to fall down in all directions and, ultimately, the base to tip over. I was against making the stand any wider, because it would cause the design to lose its finesse.” The solution turned out to be both simple and ingenious. “By drilling the holes at a 30-degree angle, all the umbrellas in the stand now tip in the same direction, as if they are all being ‘blown’ to one side by a light breeze.”