RACONTEUR Candle - Sydney Northern Beaches - Handmade in Sydney

“A story about the quiet beauty of what was always there”
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As you set off along one of the Ku Ring Gai's many walking tracks you take in dry grassy plains and open forests of smooth barked apple gums and red bloodwoods before descending to a remote sandy beach through lush mossy trails shrouded by giant tree ferns. Barrenjoey lighthouse beckons while a cool north easterly brings respite from the thick salty haze.

Scent: Minty, citrus, oceanic, woody (rich)

Elements: Peppermint gum, nerolina, native grass, wattle, cedarwood

Surprise: Lemon ironbark

Mood & Chemistry: Energising, mentally stimulating, balancing 

- monoterpenes including limonene, a-pinene;
- sesquiterpenes including a-cedrene;
- monoterpenols including linalool;
- sesquiterpenols including cedrol;
- oxides including 1,8 cineole

Form: Linear, bright, sheer

Structure: Narrative, classic

Handmade in Sydney
Burns: 60+ hours
100% soy wax
Pure cotton wicks
Free of paraffin, parabens, phthalates and lead
Weight: 300g


Founder: Craig Andrade

Does the world need another candle, or eau de parfum for that matter?

That’s the question Craig asked before deciding to dive head-on into the world of natural perfumery and candle making. “Generally, the answer is no”, he says. “Unless you’re making something truly unique that doesn’t already exist.”

Craig learned the craft of making scented candles many years ago from Elise Pioch Balzac (founder of Maison Balzac). He attended one of the world’s leading perfume schools - the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. Over several years he learned about the key natural and synthetic ingredients used to make fine fragrance, and the technique of how to structure and formulate fragrances.

“A story about the quiet beauty of what was always there”