Debbie Mackinnon - Never Ending Story, 2022 - Acrylic and mixed media on panel - 43x63cm framed - Tasmanian oak box frame

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Debbie Mackinnon loves to be immersed in nature. Walking and drawing outside are fundamental to her creative process. A keen observer, she draws inspiration from the colours and forms of the Australian landscape. Her images of rugged coastlines and wild bushland are abstracted, combining multiple elements observed over time. As such, her work is record of the sensory experience of a place. 

Most of Mackinnon’s works begin with drawing. Her sketchbook is an essential travel companion which she uses to explore and document new places. Her paintings then develop more slowly in the studio. Embracing the unknown, she allows the work to develop intuitively, responding to her field notes and memories. She utilises oil and acrylic paints in a multi-layered technique, also incorporating elements of collage and mixed media. The result is energetic and tactile artworks that celebrate both the landscape and the art making process.

Artwork location: Hobart


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