Alberto Ferretti - Materia prima, 2020 - Oil and acrylic on timber - 122x91cm (125x94cm framed) - Pale timber box frame

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Alberto Ferretti invents stories and characters inspired by his personal experiences, reflecting on his perceptions of emotion, movement and space. He is driven by the desire to connect with the people around him and explore the depths of human psychology. He paints what is left once a person, landscape, animal or spirit has passed us by, aiming to represent the essential essence of that character or scene. 

Ferretti’s style is characterised by a thick impasto. This textural application of paint reveals his sculptural sensibilities, as does his simplified but bold approach to form. He utilises a subtlety of tone and colour to represent life as simply as possible. His distinctive elongated figures lack identifying features, and appear as anonymous, ghostly presences. Ferretti embraces this ambiguity, allowing us to project our own memories, emotions and encounters on the work.  

Artwork location: Hobart


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