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BECKER MINTY Tower Brooch - Brut Baum Collection - 14ct Gold Plated with Black Agate 10cm - Sarina Suriano for BECKER MINTY

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$ 325.00

Becker Minty launches new jewellery capsule collection titled
'BRUT BAUM' in collaboration with Sarina Suriano

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Product description

Mr Minty has always had an affinity for jewellery first discovering the joy of jewels in his mother’s drawer as a little boy. When he launched Becker Minty in 2007 he was able to hone his impeccable talent for sourcing exquisite one-off vintage pieces. Over the years buying for Becker Minty, his appreciation for contemporary fine jewellery and costume jewellery grew and it was only a matter of time before creating a curated collection.

His vision was one of brutalism architecture and its relationship with nature. Mr Minty wanted to create a collection of jewellery that would capture the rawness and beauty of this design movement he’s so passionate about. “I started travelling in the late 80’s and was drawn to 60s and 70’s architecture. I loved the concrete and rawness and became unconsciously aware of Brutalism as a style before I could even give it a name,” says Mr Minty. “This collection is an homage to the Brutalist movement I’ve been slightly obsessed with for over three decades now.”

Suriano adds, "Before studying Industrial Design, I was looking at studying sculpture but I am a lover of details, numbers, measurements, precision and I am very 'technical technical' as opposed to more free form and organic. So looking to architecture and 70’s metal work sculptures for this project was a perfect alignment for me. I was inspired by all of the technical elements I love."

This 16 piece collection created and designed by Mr Minty and Sarina Suriano is entitled ‘Brut Baum’, with the ‘Brut’ referencing the ‘raw concrete’ aesthetic of the brutalist movement and ‘Baum’, meaning ‘tree’ in German, which represents natures very own brutalist movement: the rawness of a tree’s bark and its undeniable synergy with the rawness of poured concrete.

Each piece explains Suriano, "simulates the pouring of concrete, its texture and rough tree bark textures which is a trademark of some Brutalist jewellery from the 70’s. Like concrete, the bark of a tree has its own unique qualities. No two bark surfaces look or feel the same."

"Jason is a dream to work with as are all of the members of his team. I really felt part of the Becker Minty family," says Suriano. "He is so passionate about art and design and of course very knowledgable with exquisite taste. I enjoyed seeing his eyes light up each time he spoke of Brutalism and loved that he just wanted to make it soft and feminine for this collection with wearable pieces."

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