Levi Hawken - Mini G Cube, 2021 - Cast concrete - 12.5x12.5x12.5cm - Edition of 7

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Conflicted with the nature of street art, the constant personal and public battle of seeing one's art removed, vandalised and challenged - both within the graffiti community and the public as a whole – Levi Hawken made the decision to take back ownership of his work by composing on canvas and away from the public domain. This shift made a marked influence in the way the artist handles his medium and subject matter.

The influence of Brutalism is clearly evident in Hawken's sculptural forms, which resemble architectural collages- their strong, geometric shapes interlocking and protruding from one another. This influence is also evident in his chosen materials of concrete, glass and bronze. His works have a weighty presence, a solidity that recalls the built environment they reference. 

Artwork location: Sydney


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