Disco Cube Cocktails - Leslie Kichhoff

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Disco Cube Cocktails centres around the magical properties of ice.

Based on the author’s unique works of frozen art, the book offers a new way to add flavour to a cocktail by slowly infusing it as your ice cube melts. The book is full of recipes for the fancy cubes Leslie is known for – from flavoured ice to layered cubes to spheres that are liquid inside.

In addition to show-stopping ice, Disco Cube Cocktails includes recipes for cocktails and nonalcoholic drinks that pair well with the cubes – such as a Michelada with Beer and Lime Cubes, or Indochine Iced Coffee with Coffee and Cream Cubes. Whether you use this book to add a surprising twist to a classic cocktail or a decorative element to a bowl of punch, these recipes will take any home bar to the next level.

About the Author

Leslie Kirchhoff is a photographer, DJ, and ice connoisseur. She lives in Los Angeles.