CLAY OF FIRES o+ - ponder, i wonder, d’encre #1, 2023 - White earthenware with inky glaze and oxides - 26.5x11.10.5cm

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CLAY OF FIRES o+ is a project by Georgia Bowker Dunn, a ceramicist, avant-garde mezzo soprano, stylist and designer based in Hobart, Tasmania. Born in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK, she spent her childhood first in Namibia and Cape Town, Africa, then Sydney and Hobart, Australia. She has travelled globally and has a particularly deep love of Japan and its ethos.

Georgia enjoys the process of hand building her pieces, sculpting them with simple wood and metal tools in her Tasmanian seaside studio. She uses an array of firing techniques including barrel kiln firing. She says this process "connects her creativity to a primeval natural element and imprints each piece uniquely". Her forms emerge from a natural state of creative flow. She favours monochromic hues as they highlight the beauty of her forms and the play of light over their surface. The soft, matte finish of her pieces offers both visual and tactile pleasure for viewers. 

Artwork location: Hobart



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