Sharon Collyer: 'The Golden Hour'

Becker Minty is pleased to present Sharon Collyer's debut solo exhibition The Golden Hour. The exhibition will be held at our flagship Sydney store from 11-25 May 2023. 

View the exhibition catalogue online here.

Sharon Collyer’s exhibition The Golden Hour is a poetic reflection on the inevitability of change and the life-affirming power of presence. Inspired by the beauty and feeling of her surroundings, Sharon’s work represents her deeply felt, sensory experiences of the world. As autumn descends on the Southern Highlands, where Sharon lives and works, a sea of colour is revealed. The leaves of deciduous trees turn from green to shades of acid yellow, burnt orange, fire red and deep purple. As the sun begins to set, washes of warm light bathe this changing landscape; a time of day known affectionately as “golden hour”. 

For Sharon, this liminal space between day and night is a reflective time, latent with personal significance and poetic potential. She says, “the light and atmosphere in the evenings has an electric, molten-gold quality to it. It’s as if some magic has descended, begging us all to stop and pay attention, reminding us of something bigger than ourselves.” These moments of presence invite a greater appreciation for the complex beauty that surrounds us every day, and are the sparks of inspiration from which Sharon begins her work.