Jan Vogelpoel: 'Lodestars & Moonstones'

Mr Minty's is delighted to present Jan Vogelpoel's debut solo exhibition titled 'Lodestars & Moonstones'. Join us for opening drinks at the gallery on Saturday 30th July 2022, from 4-6pm. The exhibition will run until 13th August 2022. To RSVP email us at [email protected]

Click here to view the catalogue of available works.

In this body of work Jan explores her obsession with light – especially sunlight, with its intensity and subtleties. Light is a source of inspiration and energy that brings her sculptures to life. The smooth black Scarva and white textured clay sculptures complement and contrast, highlighting opposing but symbiotic relationships: light and shadow, masculine and feminine, unyielding and soft, the known and the infinite. 

A lodestar is defined as a start that leads or guides. Jan’s Lodestar sculptures possess an aura of galactic energy that radiate light into other worlds. They appear like quirky astral figures, shining light into the unknown. The Moonstones are Jan’s interpretation of stones discovered on the moon. They capture the moon’s light – mysterious, feminine and silvery – and have a naturally calming presence that is familiar but otherworldly. Their organic form grounds them and offers an earthly element to their celestial form.

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