Emma Bass: 'OPEN'

‘OPEN’ is an exhibition of floral portraits by Auckland-based artist Emma Bass. This, her first exhibition at Sydney’s Mr Minty gallery.

Open features a selection of curated work that celebrates, amidst loss, our process of learning to live with and through the pandemic. We have all experienced loss; of life, freedom and certainty, but we can celebrate yet because the pandemic has brought the unexpected gift — if we choose to cultivate it — of openness to accepting life as it is, and discovering new ways forward.

Bass says “My compositions are a dance between my intent and what nature wants to do. As I get older, I try not to expect predictability because life is not like that! Life unfurls and life ends; I see this happen on the branch of a single tree, nature shows us how to feel inspired about life’s complexities and possibilities and how to become more open and to wonder at the unexpected.”

Exhibition: 23 September 2022 @ Mr Minty's Gallery


Gallery website: www.beckerminty.com/mr-mintys/

Address: 2/12 Macleay Street, Elizabeth Bay, NSW 2011, Australia Tel. +61 2 8356 9999

(image: Breathe, limited edition, archival giclee print)

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