Alberto Ferretti: 'Tempo'

Mr Minty's is pleased to present 'Tempo', a new solo exhibition by Alberto Ferretti. Join us for opening drinks at the gallery on Saturday 2nd July 2022, from 4-6pm. The exhibition will run until 16th July 2022. To RSVP or register for a catalogue preview, email us at [email protected]

Alberto Ferretti is moved by the rhythms of life. An astute observer, he draws inspiration from the world around him, driven by the tenets of presence, patience and intuition. His desire to create is instinctual and unwavering. For him, making art is an essential part of his quest to understand the complexities of life. Alberto’s exhibition ‘Tempo’ presents a series of works that serve as glimpses into his subconscious; experiences and emotions drawn from deep within and brought back to life through painting. Through his distinctive style Alberto connects to the heartbeat of life, laying bare the most vulnerable parts of himself for the viewer.

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