Thomas Bucich - Trinity Burnt Wood, Charcoal, Ink, Gold Enamel 190 x 24 cm

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This collection of new works represents both ongoing thematic series along with new directions in both sculpture and two-dimensional works. 
The ‘Relic’ series continues to be explored varying dimension, massing and scale of the works which represent the reciprocal constructive and destructive relationship between humankind and nature. 
The ‘relics’ we acquire throughout our lives - whether as an image in our minds eye, or a physical souvenir we might find along our journeys have been assembling themselves in my own mind and physically in my studio. Various objects that I select, manipulate, paint, or have electroplated in metals all connect back to my own thoughts and memories. My role is to act as a conduit to produce the finished works which usually guide me as they take on a new life of their own. 
Thomas Bucich 
October 2019
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