Spiritus Stones - Saint Minty Transformation Bracelet with Labradorite, Onyx & 14ct Gold

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  • Labradorite feature stone (11mm x 6mm)
  • 8mm Labradorite
  • 8mm matte Onyx
  • 8mm 14ct Gold-filled hardware
  • Handcrafted in Australia using natural gemstones and elastic cord
  • Packaging: Linen jewellery bag with product card highlighting healing symbolism of the piece. Packed in a Spiritus Stones box. All packaging is 100% compostable and biodegradable.


The Mr Minty bracelet, which launched in 2019, fast became our most popular bracelet. After many requests, we are now launching this special edition piece which takes the original Mr Minty bracelet to the next level.

Mr Minty has travelled far and wide on his journey of self-discovery, to overcome his fears, to connect to his higher self, to evolve into the soul he was always destined to be. Presenting St. Minty, the Saint of Transformation. Allow St. Minty to give you the strength and wisdom to create an extraordinary new life of fulfilment and wonder. Your glorious destiny awaits...



LABRADORITE is the stone of transformation. This magical gemstone shimmers with iridescent blues and greens, almost as if it journeyed here from a higher spiritual realm. It allows us to connect to our higher consciousness to access our true spiritual purpose. It will help to banish fears and insecurities, trigger imagination and new ideas, enhance strength and perseverance, and bring forth a wisdom that will set you on the path to fulfil your destiny.

ONYX is a protection stone, transforming negative energy into positive, and also aids in the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief.

GOLD is known as The Master Healer. It is effective in healing spiritually, emotionally and physically. Gold also enhances the energy in the other gemstones it is used with so is truly powerful in every aspect.



We use 14ct gold-filled hardware. Gold-filled is a gold coating process that uses a 100 times thicker gold layer than gold-plated jewellery, so will not tarnish and is safe for metal allergy sufferers.


Please note that every Spiritus Stones piece is thoughtfully handcrafted with natural gemstones, so may therefore vary slightly in appearance from the image shown.