Mette Handberg Denmark - Sitting Female Silhouette Sponge (2 pack) - Art Print - Denmark

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Put every day, luxury Danish design in your kitchen with  environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing sponges.  These innovative sponges are biodegradable and completely free of micro plastic and harmful chemicals.  The four designs add an artistic touch to both your indoor and outdoor kitchen.

These sponges are made of natural cellulose (FSC certified wood pulp) and cotton.  They can absorb 15 x’s their own weight in water and because  of their composition, dry quickly.

In addition, these sponges effectively clean all surfaces, e.g. granite, stainless steel, laminate and glass plates, and they are antibacterial and odorless.  These eco-friendly, long lasting sponges can eventually be composted with your green waste.

These innovative sponges fit beautifully in any style kitchen and are sold with matching tea towels.

Quality: 70% cellulose and 30% cotton
Size: 17/20 centimeter

Sold in packs of two.
Designed in Denmark - Made in Sweden