Maison Rebatchi Paris - Cuir Tassili - EDP 50ml

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A tribute to the origins of Mohamed Rebatchi, inspired by a journey through the Tassili desert.

  • Top notes: black pepper, elemi, lemon
  • Heart notes: sage, iris concrete, tea leaf
  • Base notes: myrrh, leather, patchouli

"To pay tribute to the origins of Mohamed Rebatchi I drew inspiration from my journey through the Tassili desert in south east Algeria, the traditional region of the Tuareg Ajjer or Tuareg people of the West, and the olfactory sensations I experienced. Waking up in the morning after a night sleeping in a tent, I could smell the tea brewing and cherbet Algerian lemonade, as well as the leather of the camels’ saddles. A true invitation to travel" Aliénor Massenet