Linda Bretherton - Funnel Vase #1, 2022 - Rare black stoneware with glazed interior and liquid quartz exterior seal - 21x5x5cm

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Linda Bretherton has travelled extensively throughout Japan, which has become a major influence in her work. In particular, she is inspired by the concept of shibusa, a term which encompasses qualities such as simplicity, naturalness, modesty and silence. She is also inspired by the aesthetic philosophy of wabi-sabi, which celebrates transience and imperfection. Her forms are elegant and unpretentious. She says of her process, “clay has a way in and of itself and often dictates the form, taking me on a path that rarely complies precisely with my vision.”

Every one of Linda’s pieces is unique. She works primarily with stoneware clays, using pinch, coil, slab and wheel-throwing techniques. The textured, natural clay finish of many of her pieces provides a warm, earthy aesthetic, whilst the use of hand-applied glazes, fired at high-temperature, ensures the objects are water tight and durable. She enjoys experimenting with slips, oxides, natural ochres and firing techniques, embracing unexpected outcomes and material reactions.


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