Joshua Charadia - Peripheral View 75, 2021 - Oil on Board - 70x90cm

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‘Recent Views’ is a presentation of new paintings from my ongoing Peripheral View series. In these new works, I have extended my exploration of colour by referencing images taken between dusk and nightfall. An anonymous shipping yard, the subject of my continuing project, is veiled by a sombre, diffused light, revealing a decisively darker, more subdued colour palette. This tonal and chromatic shift gives the work a heightened sense of mystery and secrecy, echoing the mysterious character of the shipping containers themselves. As night falls and the world comes to rest, they relentlessly come and go, their content and intent subject to the clandestine machinations of industry.

I work from photographs taken in passing. Through the considered process of painting, I afford time to these fleeting images of shipping containers and terminals, and make visible what can often go unseen. Ubiquitous yet over- looked, these objects play a vital role in the complex processes of industry that allow us to sustain our lifestyles. The invitation is to reconsider our passive perceptions of the world, and momentarily shift focus to that which occupies our peripheral vision.

The serial nature of my practice reveals the potentially infinite compositions formed by containers in wait. Transient in nature, these arrangements last only a short time before being rearranged into new compositions in new locations. Working from photographs allows me to arrest a moment in time and capture the complexity of detail and form hidden within these fugitive images.

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