Joshua Charadia - Peripheral View 35, 2019 - Oil on Linen - 30x30cm

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Peripheral View II is a presentation of new works by Joshua Charadia from his ongoing Peripheral View series. In these works Charadia takes industrial scenes, photographed in passing, and renders them in the “slow” mediums of oil paint and charcoal. Through drawing and painting he affords time to these usually fleeting images of shipping containers and terminals, and hopes to make visible what can often go unseen. 

After working almost exclusively in monochrome throughout the Peripheral View series, this exhibition is a bold shift to colour. These works explore the incidental compositions formed by containers in wait. Transient in nature, these unique formations and colour palettes last only a small moment in time before they are moved and rearranged into new configurations in new locations. 

Ubiquitous yet overlooked, these objects are containers of capital: vital cogs in the unceasing machine of globalisation and chess pieces in an indifferent global market place. Intriguing in their aesthetics and symbolic of what can go unseen in our day-to-day lives, the shipping containers become an invitation to the viewer to look at the world with discerning eyes and become more aware of the complex processes at work around us. 


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