Jacqueline Cullen - Whitby Jet and Black Diamond Overlapping Cuff

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Jacqueline Cullen - Carved Whitby Jet Bracelet
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18ct gold catch (H. 50mm) Hand-carved Whitby Jet overlapping cuff with inlaid black diamonds and a matte finish. Stunning subtle contrast between the matte finish and sparkle of the diamonds when they catch light. The edge of each unit is carved individually and set with black diamonds, the cuff is finished with a hand made 18K gold sliding catch. Whitby jet is a 180 million-year-old fossilized wood. It is primarily associated with Victorian mourning jewellery popularized by Queen Victoria. DIMENSIONS 50mm (depth) MATERIALS Whitby jet, black diamonds, 18K gold ABOUT WHITBY JET: Whitby jet is a prehistoric black fossilised wood (ca.180 million years old); it is the whole trunk of Araucaria, the ancestor to the Monkey Puzzle Tree. Used for adornment for thousands of years it is mainly associated with Victorian mourning jewellery. The trend for wearing jet jewellery was started by Queen Victoria in response to the death of her consort Prince Albert in 1861. Mined during its heyday, jet is now rare. Jacqueline Cullen uses only the best quality jet from Whitby; she purchases her supply from a man who abseils down the cliffs to get in to the disused Victorian mines and caves on the Yorkshire coast in north-east England.