Francesco Petrolo - Moai II - Hand forged steel on wooden base - H171cm (Base 31.5x26.5cm)

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This artwork is from Francesco's recent exhibition at Mr Minty's titled 'The Traditionalists', a two-man show also featuring Alberto Ferretti. 

Alberto is a painter. Franco is a sculptor. Both artists are from southern Italy. They first met in a restaurant over seven years ago, bonding over their love of art and creation. Although Alberto and Franco use their hands to create in different mediums, they are both true to their craft. They are makers. Traditionalists. Their work is a reflection of humanity. Alberto captures people with humility in abstract portraiture. Franco, utilises his craft to weld the many masks we wear. Both artists create from a place of honesty with their respective generational crafts. Alberto and Franco are The Traditionalists.


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