Foucher-Poignant Acrylic Lino Print - Limited Edition of 15 - 65x65cm - Untitled No 33 - Framed - France

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Marie Christine Foucher Poignant and François Poignant create and express themselves in a symbiosis and a permanent emulation. At the constant search for balance between shapes and colors, the four hands engage in a construction game by combining seemingly simple patterns and spreading masses and voids. Sometimes looking for the limit of chaos and imbalance, it is always the quest for serenity that is more important for the artist couple. And it is this confrontation of different components that then gives birth to graphic works, at the same time, posed, surprising, enigmatic and obvious.


From concept to completion, both work together by defining a precise protocol upstream: series, format, number of colors, embossing and asymmetry. Everyone has a right of veto throughout the process. In unison, Marie-Christine and François chose engraving as a medium: technical, demanding, it requires a great know-how to obtain a convincing result. The simplicity of the result obtained is only apparent. Once a composition has been retained, both transcribe the motifs on the linoleum or the wood. Each form is made freehand, without geometric accuracy, and counterbalanced by the other elements, all equally imperfect. Everyone then takes his gouges, (iron tools in the form of half-tubes) and begins the work of engraving itself. Similarly, the inking and the passage in roller press are carried out indifferently by Marie Christine or François. The stamp obtained is then validated by the couple. More complex, the embossing pushes the paper into its limits of resistance and integrates other perceptions. Invisible from afar, new discreet forms appear surprisingly to the eye. They respond to colorful shapes and their shadows evolve throughout the day.

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