SOLD - Henryk - Ultra Matte Mini in Red, 2023 - Pigmented concrete and polymer on board - 27x21x9cm

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This painting is from Henryk's 'Ultra Matte' series.

Henryk creates minimalist, gestural abstracts that explore texture, colour and balance. For Henryk, painting is a meditative practice, one where he finds himself in a constant state of play. He pushes the material limitations of painting, utilising a variety of mediums including concrete and polymer. Whilst preparation is required to begin a painting, the painting process itself is spontaneous and reactive, following the natural impulses of creative flow as he moves the material around with huge brushes and palette knives. The act of making is immortalised in the peaks and valleys of the finished work. 

Henryk’s paintings are highly tactile, almost sculptural- from the jagged roughness of weathered sea-cliffs to the decadent softness of sorbet. Their striking physicality is matched by the artist’s choice of intense colours. A lover of confidence and boldness in art, his work are no different. These artworks command the viewers attention.


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