Wrong Way Go Back

antonia portriat

Wrong Way Go Back (2019) is a series of abstract paintings and a video projection that reflect on my Sicilian heritage and traditional upbringing. This exhibition is embedded with memories of growing up and the process of acceptance. Acknowledgment of the ‘maker’ ancestry within my family has lead to my working values and practice and preserves the generational legacy of creativity that is a part of who I am. The title refers to the paths we can take, divergent or prescribed, and understanding that realisations can come out of diverting, undoing and repeating. The limited colour palette decisively emerged from a meditative state and the marks, an energetic release of emotional discord coming from past family pressures and the intimidating choices that set life into motion. Wrong Way Go Back (2019) captures the deciding nature of an emotional journey linked to my cultural and creative identity. The work reminds us to accept our place in the world, even if we have to go back to move into the future.

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