Becker Minty launches new jewellery capsule collection 'BRUT BAUM' in collaboration with Sarina Suriano

Tower Pendant Necklace and Brooch
left to right: 14ct Gold Plated with Green Agate, $345;
and 14ct Gold Plated with Black Agate, $345
Tower Triple Stone Earrings 
left and right: 14ct Gold Plated Earrings with Black Agate, $325;
and 14ct Gold Plated Earrings with Green Agate, $325

“Jewellery has always been a very large part of our offering and I’ve thought about having an exclusive Becker Minty range for some time but didn’t have the technical skills to make that happen,” says Mr Minty. “I guess it took the right moment and then the right person with whom to collaborate.” And that person is industrial and jewellery designer, Sarina Suriano.
Crescent Hoop Earrings
left to right: 14ct Gold Plated Earrings with Green Agate, $265;
and 14ct Gold Plated Hoop Earrings with Black Agate, $265
Tower Brooch
left to right: 14ct Gold Plated with Green Agate, $325;
and 14ct Gold Plated with Black Agate, $325

“We worked with Sarina in the past retailing her own fabulous costume jewellery and her beautiful work has always stayed with me. Fast forward ten years: I realised Sarina was an industrial designer so I approached her about collaborating on a barware collection – coming soon – and her technical and creative prowess was so impressive I raised the idea of collaborating on a jewellery range. I had a vision and she was the perfect choice to bring it to life,” explained Mr Minty. 
Moonwalker Single Drop Earrings
left to right: 14ct Gold Plated Earrings with Black Agate, $245;
and 14ct Gold Plated Earrings with Green Agate, $245
left to right: Cinnamon Earrings, 14ct Gold Plated Earrings with Double Drop, $235;
and Moonwalker Triple Drop Earrings, 14ct Gold Plated Earrings, $295

His vision was one of brutalism architecture and its relationship with nature. Mr Minty wanted to create a collection of jewellery that would capture the rawness and beauty of this design movement he’s so passionate about. “I started travelling in the late 80’s and was drawn to 60s and 70’s architecture. I loved the concrete and rawness and became unconsciously aware of Brutalism as a style before I could even give it a name,” says Mr Minty. “This collection is an homage to the Brutalist movement I’ve been slightly obsessed with for over three decades now.”
Crater Cuff
14ct Gold Plated Cuff, $395

This 13 piece collection created and designed by Mr Minty and Sarina Suriano is entitled ‘Brut Baum’, with the ‘Brut’ referencing the ‘raw concrete’ aesthetic of the brutalist movement and ‘Baum’, meaning ‘tree’ in German, which represents natures very own brutalist movement: the rawness of a tree’s bark and its undeniable visual force in any landscape.
Jupiter Ring
left to right: 14ct Gold Plated Ring, $225; 14ct Gold Plated Ring with Cabochon Green Agate, $225; and 14ct Gold Plated Ring with Cabochon Black Agate, $225
Rebecca Khoury
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