An Unexpectedly Beautiful Mix Part 2: Paragon


From 28 June to 30 July 2018, design visionaries Armadillo & Co and Becker Minty are collaborating on a retail experience that blurs the line with contemporary art installation.


The brands have partnered to showcase Armadillo & Co’s new range of elegant Paragon rugs alongside Becker Minty’s treasure trove of art, home décor and lifestyle offerings, all discerningly curated by stylist Claire Delmar.


“With our shared appreciation for the unexpectedly beautiful, the collaboration with Becker Minty was a natural fit to showcase the newest addition to our luxurious pure wool Heirloom Collection,” shares Sally Pottharst of Armadillo & Co.


“At Becker Minty, Paragon is elevated as an artwork in its own right, placed underfoot, along the walls and artfully draped over tables to highlight its sumptuous sophistication,” explains her co-founder Jodie Fried. Selected Becker Minty furniture and tableware are enhanced with dramatic floral and food centrepieces to create a still life reminiscent of a living and breathing “Last Supper”, giving the impression that guests have just departed the dining table.


The retail space is exquisitely styled with intention to highlight Paragon’s neutral hues and complex pattern, inspired by the delicate yet jagged lines of crystal, rock and shell formations. As Claire Delmar says, “by focusing on a paired-back style (as it is so often what is removed from an installation that is more important that what is not), each object was given surrounding space to breathe, and quietly reveal their radiance.”


The collaboration redefines retail as a celebration of artistry. “For the most part, the destination is only as good as the journey,” concludes Jason Minty, the concept store’s long-time owner. “It’s beautiful to see Armadillo & Co and Becker Minty share the same sentiment; that to create something innately beautiful and unexpected, it takes a passionate, collective effort.”


Styling by Claire Delmar. Photography by Anson Smart.


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