Bayonne Intermezzo Christmas - Trudon - 800g - 110 to 120 hours

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Available in 3 sizes, Classic 270g, Intermezzo 800g and Grand 3kg
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Trudon invites Versailles and the Sun King for a golden Christmas : a magical spirit filled with opulence and humour reigns on the 5 scented candles of the collection. On the glass, black and gold arabesques, reminiscent of Versailles ironworks and gates, adorn the Trudon emblem. All the more theatrical, the Chateau's silhouette and its royal masquerades come to life through Lawrence Mynott's illustrations. A double L further evokes the royal seal.

Handcrafted with care, the five golden Christmas candles are richly decorated and festive. Gloria calls for Christmas carols inside the Royal Chapel; Fir evokes the King's generous attitude and the large Christmas Tree displayed in the Chateau's courtyard. Part angle, part counsellor, Gabriel has the King's full attention while, free-spirited Ernesto allows the King to follow his wishes. A new addition to the range, Bayonne is gourmet: notes of chocolate, Espelette chili and pine tree call for vast banquets.


HEART: Chilli Pepper

BASE: Pine

The story behind the name Bayonne:

A city in the South West of France, during the early 16th century, Bayonne was the first port of France through which cacao was imported. It became the first chocolate manufacturing city in the kingdom. Chocolate was introduced to the court of France under Louis the 14th and quickly became a fad that gathered momentum throughout the courts of Europe until today's mass consumption.

If cacao is an homage to Bayonne, chilli pepper is an homage to the neighbouring town of Espelette, known for its Piment d'Espelette. Chilli pepper was imported from Latin America around the same period as cacao and contrarily to cacao it has remained a specialty of the region. Pine is naturally an homage to Christmas. The accord was developed with the joys of Christmas in mind yet through a historical and reginal angle.