Juli Balla

Based in Sydney, Juli Balla has worked as a fashion and advertising photographer for 24 years, and also regularly works in Europe, the USA, Singapore, China and Japan. 

Juli’s work consists of magazine editorials, advertising, fashion and cosmetics campaigns and portraiture.  She has worked for magazines such as Grazia Italia, Elle in South East Asia, UK and France, Vogue Australia and Britain, Harpers Bazaar, and Marie Claire worldwide.

As the daughter of two photographers, following in their footsteps was inevitable, and after emigrating from Budapest to Australia Juli graduated from Canberra Art School in 1987 with a major in photo media. Juli has been creating personal work since the beginning of her career, and has exhibited in solo shows as well as in numerous group exhibitions from 1986 to the present.

Juli’s European background has made a mark on her personal style. She is influenced by art and cinema, and her creativity is constantly fuelled by travel. Juli feels it is important to create a distinctive mood in her editorial work, and strives to create images that will stand the test of time, transcending the current trend of the day. She aims to create a form of visual poetry.

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