Aarke - Flavour Drops - Wild Strawberry

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Flavour drops for delicious hydration.

  • Elevate and enjoy everyday hydration with the invigorating taste of fruits and berries.
  • Sugar-free, with zero calories and no artificial sweeteners - perfect for your healthy lifestyle.
  • A single bottle supplies about 40 litres of flavoured sparkling water - a much more convenient and sustainable option than store-bought plastic bottles.


  • Cucumber Lime: An energising flavour of crisp cucumber and zesty lime that will leave you feeling renewed. 

  • Black Raspberry: A deep, distinct dark berry flavour that perfectly balances sweet and tart.
  • Wild Strawberry: Delightfully sweet. The taste of sun-ripened berries and endless summertime. 
  • Citrus Twist: Tangy fresh flavour of lemon and bitter lime in an acidic harmony.