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Sagitine - Very Sexy Shoe Storage

We first met Tina Clark in 2014 when she asked for our feedback on her her prototype Sagitine shoe storage boxes. In the intervening period Tina has painstakingly perfected her designs and now we are delighted to bring her sleek storage systems to BECKER MINTY. These designs are ideal for apartment living, but would also be right at home in a luxurious dressing room. We are reminded of the elegance of a steamer trunk, updated for a modern life sans valet.

If you are a shoe addict, you've doubtless applied the cost per wear rationale to justify a spree. Tina Clark is gold in our eyes as she has offered a whole new excuse to buy and preserve shoes - after a lifetime of globe trotting in designer heels she now views her collection as a fashion legacy to pass on to her daughters.  Safely store and care for your precious shoes - the next generation will love you!

The Sagitine storage options are very versatile - chose a stack of single stackable shoe boxes, or use the Sagitine shoe stands which hold 14 or 30 pairs of shoes. The stands are crafted from powder coated aluminium with elegant solid walnut wooden tops. The boxes themselves are created from light and durable coated card, with leather pull tabs and a delightful monogrammed print lining. 

Naturally there are matching storage boxes in medium or large, for winter quilts, wedding gowns or whatever, and these can also be purchased singly or with a stand that holds six of the medium boxes. The medium boxes have leather handles at the front which make it easier to access them from a shelf or under bed. The larger boxes have top mounted leather handles which fold flat for stacking.

The boxes and stands are named for the favourite cities of Tina Clark's life - Sydney, Shanghai, Marrakesh, Miami and Milan. 

In store now and online.