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How Becker Minty began..

Co-owner and head buyer for BECKER MINTY, Jason Minty remembers the day in 2007 when serendipity turned his life around.

My friend Christopher Becker and I had often talked about our ideas for a retail concept store, offering all the things we loved best across the spheres of home, fashion, antiques, jewellery. All the finer things in life. There was a location in our neighbourhood that we thought would be perfect – it was large enough, and far enough off the main strip to be a ‘destination’.  But this was all a bit of a daydream as I was leaving for a job in Germany, and Chris was also planning a career change. Then our perfect location went on the market.  Within a few days we’d signed a lease and started stockpiling treasure. It was a heady experience I’ll never forget.

We opened in June and the store was an immediate success. Since then my life has been one of constant motion, as much as it ever was through all my many years at QANTAS. The travel and service nature of my earlier career has inspired me to go on creating situations and environments where people can experience for themselves the pleasures of discovery. I have been a global explorer my whole adult life. Adventure and discovery are among my favourite pursuits, along with buying beautiful things and sharing the knowledge I gain from my travels.

Chris has since moved on to his next adventure. I continue to revel in the daily adventures of sourcing rare stock, creating dynamic spaces, meeting wonderful artisans and nurturing my clients.

I love that people really look forward to coming into BECKER MINTY. They can momentarily immerse themselves into our world and best of all they can take a part of it home.